THANK YOU to everyone who joined us October 26, 2017 for the wonderful "At Home in Our Community: 50 Years and Counting!" Gala celebration!  Special thanks to Buddy Miller & FriendsMiller, a Grammy Award-winning musician, joined with longtime friends/musical collaborators Jerry Steele, David Olsen, Steve Hendershott, and Joe D'Angelo in donating their time and terrific talents to benefit PCH.  And thanks so much to the Gala Sponsors

We also are grateful to the many PCH residents who submitted art, writing, and photos on the theme of "What Does HOME Mean to You?"  Some of these inspiring creative works were displayed during the Gala and depicted in the Gala Program Booklet. 

Here are some of the many photos from the festive event that celebrated PCH's five decades of providing affordable housing and building community!  

Thank you so very much to Chuck McEnroe, John Warwick, and Lawrence Greenberg for photography, videography, and related assistance!  Staff members Kirsten Hund Blair and Arnaz Yousafzai also contributed additional pictures. 

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for further posts of a larger array of photos!