PCHDC serves as the Administrative Agent for the Township of Hopewell’s Affordable Sales Program. There are a variety of opportunities for low and moderate income homes for sale in Hopewell. Hopewell currently has a total of 143 affordable homes and condos units. The homes are located in Brandon Farms and Pennington Pointe, along with one accessory apartment on Wrick Avenue and two units on Minnietown Lane.

Current homeowners must contact PCHDC if they wish to resell, refinance or make any capital improvements to their home.

The following homes are currently for sale in Hopewell:

1.  6 Woolsey - 1 bedroom moderate $90,837  (Pennington Point - active adult community, age 55+)

2. 104 Dunleigh - 2 bedroom - low income $83,557  (now open to low and moderate income households and 1 person household) SOLD

3. 106 Dunleigh - 2 bedroom - moderate income  $129,900 (now open to for 1 person and 2 person/couple households)

4. 203 Castleton - 2 bedroom moderate income  $126,023

5. 171 Shrewsbury - 2 bedroom - low income  $90,455 (now open to low & moderate income households and 1 person household).

6. 108 Gentry Ct. - 1 bedroom - low income  $71,297

7. 206 Lansdowne Ct. - 3 bedroom - moderate income  $155,927

if you are interested in any of the homes listed above, please complete the sales application (click on button to the right of this page and print out the application and return to our office).






As the Administrative Agent, PCHDC is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the sales affordability controls
  • Affirmative marketing of each resale
  • Processing all sales applications
  • Completing household income certifications
  • Maintaining the sales waitlist of income eligible applicants
  • Maintaining close contact with the Municipal Housing Liaison on all affordable rental matters
  • Furnishing to attorneys/closing agents the forms required at closing (deed, mortgage and note)
  • Maintaining close contact with the Municipal Housing Liaison on all affordable sales matters

For further details on affordable housing opportunities in Hopewell Township, visit Hopewell Township Affordable Housing.

PCHDC follows the New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing’s  (NJ COAH) guidelines to administer the affordable sales program, as defined and set forth in the Uniform Housing Affordability Controls (UHAC) and in N.J.A.C. 5:80-26:1 et seq.