David Olsen – Banjo:  An accomplished bluegrass banjo musician who has played in a number of local bands, Olsen grew up in the Princeton area during the 1960’s folk era.  David feels lucky to have been exposed to the fast-emerging folk rock and bluegrass influences of the time.  He started out playing the 3-finger traditional “Scruggs” style banjo, and then later mixed in the new “melodic” style made popular by Bill Keith.  He credits the blending of these styles to allow for the banjo to fit into a diversity of songs from bluegrass to rock & roll.  Over the years, David has played in a number of bands and with a variety of talented artists, including friends Buddy Miller and Jerry Steele, who was a member of the successful, long-running Riverside Bluegrass Band.  David dedicates a lot of his free time “perfecting his chops” at area bluegrass jam sessions along with other high-powered musicians.