Danny Siegel has been a Griggs Farm resident since 1992 and is very grateful to be living in our Princeton community.  He grew up in Haifa, Israel and moved to Princeton to live with his uncle and aunt when he was 16 years old. Daniel has a B.A in Theatre from the College of New Jersey with an extensive resume of theatrical acting, including roles in New York City, as well as theaters in the Princeton area.  When not pursuing acting, Daniel is employed as a driver for a Mercer County company called “Ride Provide,” which transports mostly elderly and disabled Mercer County residents to various destinations for a nominal cost.  He feels that living in an affordable unit at Griggs Farm, due to its amenities and location, has been a tremendous asset in helping him to pursue his artistic dream.  Danny noted that “at Griggs Farm, the interior maintenance is great and the staff is always helpful.”