From Jamaica to NJ, Elizabeth found Princeton to be the perfect home. When visiting 20 years ago, Elizabeth said “While my mother drove, I looked around Nassau Street and I said to myself this is the place where I want to live one day.” In 2008, she applied for an apartment at PCV with her two children ages, 14, and 17. She had learned about Princeton Community Village (PCV) through a relative already living at PCV.  Elizabeth applied for a three bedroom and waited for about two years, while living and working in Chicago for Amtrak. In 2010 she was offered an apartment at PCV. After her job granted her transfer request to work in NY, Elizabeth joined the PCV community for the first time. As her kids got older Elizabeth downsized and transferred to a smaller unit for herself.

In 2011, Elizabeth was left with no choice but to move back to Jamaica to recover from an injury as a result of an automobile accident. At the end of 2013 after moving back to the States, Elizabeth applied again for an apartment at PCV.

Elizabeth loves living in Princeton, especially at PCV. She has access to public transportation, which she takes every day to work. She stated, “I have a great, wonderful view from my apartment, there is a picnic table in the back yard, and it’s nice here, very quiet, and in a way isolated. What else could you ask for?” The place is exactly how you see it, and it also depends on who you are.” In addition, living at PCV has allowed Elizabeth to interact with a multi-generational population. Elizabeth added positively how great it is to be exposed to “all kinds of cultures.” This kind of environment has made her” become more aware, more humble and to have more empathy towards every person.” She added that the PCV staff is very nice and helpful. Working as a Lead Customer Attendant for Amtrak gives Elizabeth the experience of both worlds, the fast pace of New York and Boston, and the calm quiet way of living in Princeton. “Every morning, I get up and I pray and feel so grateful for living in this community.” Elizabeth stated.  She added that she would highly recommend others to live here. Whenever she gets a chance, at work, she shares “about how wonderful it is to live at PCV.”