Originally from Princeton, Shelley Howard qualified for a studio apartment and moved to Elm Court over two years ago. She missed the beauty, safety, and friendliness of Princeton and wanted to return to the town she calls home. After her husband passed away, Shelley no longer felt safe living alone in Trenton, especially after her home was burglarized. She learned about Elm Court through her family members who were already residents of the community. Shelley now lives down the hall from her father and aunt, and close to her other family members and friends that live in Princeton. The safe environment and kind people at Elm Court are Shelley’s favorite aspects of the Princeton Community Housing community.

Once an avid gardener, Shelley relishes in the lush environment and natural setting of Elm Court and the Community Garden. She enjoys looking out her apartment window, which provides a perfect view of the courtyard, to see trees and squirrels. In her spare time, Shelley loves to play bingo at various clubs in and around Princeton as often as possible. She appreciates the ability to maintain her freedom thanks to Elm Court’s free transportation and access to helpful social services. When asked about her future, Shelley said, “Time flies and things change.” However, Shelley is comforted knowing that she has a welcoming and safe home at Elm Court as she ages.