How do I apply?

You will need to fill out a preliminary housing application that you can obtain by calling any of the offices or by downloading the PDF file. To do this, please click on a link below.


Once you have returned it to the site office you are interested in, your application will be reviewed, and if you are eligible, you will receive a letter confirming that you have been added to the waiting list.

How much is the rent?

Rent varies based on the size and number of rooms in the apartment. This also varies from year to year, and this information can also be obtained from the Fact Sheet.

How do I know if I qualify?

Preliminary applications are screened by each Management Office to verify qualifications for that particular site. Applications must be complete, reflecting every individual who will be living in the units. Applications must be signed by everyone over the age of 18 allowing a credit/criminal check to be conducted according to tenant selection policies. Applicants are placed on specific site waiting lists in the order in which they apply and will receive a letter confirming the receipt of their preliminary application.

What is the Certification Process?

Once your application reaches the top of the waiting list – and you have met the initial criteria – you will be required to verify the qualifications of each household member over the age of 18 by bringing all required supporting financial and personal documentation to the site management office. The documents required will be clearly outlined in the notification letter that you will receive from the site management office.

How do I get there?

A map of each of our communities can be found on their respective pages. View all Communities. 

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